Financial Management Group

FM-G was established with a strong commitment to providing athletes, artists, actors and songwriters with quality solutions and developing long-term client relationships in areas such as:

  • Financial Management
  • Risk Management
  • Endorsement Services

FM-G's mission is to deliver a level of service and support unmatched in the marketplace. We provide ongoing assistance to athletes and artists regardless of where they work and reside, allowing them to focus on reaching their professional, personal and financial goals.

FM-G works closely with our clients and their families, both during their ongoing careers and afterwards.



Financial Management

We at FM-G belive that every world citizen should be afforded the maximum flexibility with regard of life insurance and investment products.

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Risk Management

One part of FM-G’s services is Risk Management. The best cover is not always the cheapest. We therefore work with a number of insurance companies around the world to be sure that the terms and conditions suit our clients.

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